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Is there a crack in the wall you’ve been meaning to fix but kept putting it off? Don’t let it go too long. The longer you put off addressing the problem, the more involved and expensive the repair is going to be. And your safety and your loved ones’ well-being will be in danger. Why expose your family to a hazardous and unsafe home? At A-1 Concrete Repair & Waterproofing LLC in Fountain Hills, AZ, we can inspect your foundation at no charge, providing you with a written solution that’s warrantied to permanently stabilize your home’s structure. In many cases, we may even be able to close the cracks, straighten doors and windows, and return your foundation to its original position. Foundation wall cracks in Fountain Hills, AZ have several different causes, and each has its own unique solution. Concrete walls may experience small cracks as they cure. These are normal and may be no cause for alarm. If your Fountain Hills, AZ walls are cracking due to foundation settlement issues, foundation piers may be your solution. If your foundation walls are failing due to expansive soils, a wall anchor system may solve your problem. Uneven floors are rarely caused by problems with the floor system itself. Instead, it’s often a settling or shifting foundation issue that has impacted the floor system. Floor beams and joists are made from wood that will usually bend or flex rather than crack or break. If you have a crawl space and the floors above are out of level, you may have a structural problem in your crawl space. Crawl space jacks can address the structural problems. Foundation heaving in Fountain Hills, AZ can be a very complicated problem — one that requires a highly experienced specialist to evaluate. If you suspect that this is the problem with your home, a foundation contractor should inspect the problem in person. The floor joists above a typical crawl space are supported by the perimeter walls of the crawl space foundation, and by a post or column-and-beam framework that extends down the center of the crawl space. Although the perimeter walls of a crawl space can settle or shift to cause floor problems above, it’s more common for the center support system to settle or sag because it wasn’t properly built in the first place. Our team effectively repairs crawl space structural issues with our heavy-duty crawl space jacks. Crawl space jacks are adjustable steel posts that will level floors and stabilize sagging crawl space structures. For all of your Fountain Hills, AZ residential foundation repair services, give us a call or email today!

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