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Improperly done residential foundations cause settlement issues, wall cracking, bowing water penetration, and a host of other issues. We also specialize in stonework within Anthem, AZ. Natural stone has been used for thousands of years until as recently as about the 1940s. Its main attributes are high compressive strength, incredible durability, and local availability. Our stone foundations in Anthem, AZ are built precisely using our years of experience and skilled craftsmen. Of all our products, natural stone is by far the most durable. Bricks and concrete can deteriorate with water penetrations, although concrete is faster constructed and requires less skilled labor, they simply just don't last as long. So if your stone foundation in Anthem, AZ is one hundred years old, don't worry, with a little maintenance, it will easily last another hundred years, and beyond. If you’ve seen issues such as floor cracks, gaps in doors or windows, sticking doors or windows, cracks in the corners of door frames, nail pops, bowing walls, or other foundation damage, A-1 Concrete Repair & Waterproofing LLC in Anthem, AZ can help. We will find the source of your problem and provide you with a quality foundation repair solution. Signs of a settling foundation can be very subtle at first — many homeowners can go months or even years before noticing a crack in their foundation. The long-term damage from foundation settlement, however, is ongoing and will lead to more severe foundation problems in Anthem, AZ. At A-1 Concrete Repair & Waterproofing LLC, we recommend installing foundation piers to stabilize, repair, and restore a foundation that’s been damaged by issues related to foundation settlement and poor supporting soils. When a concrete floor settles, it can mean serious damage to your Anthem, AZ home. The causes of floor slab settlement are almost always due to the soils underneath being unable to support the weight of the concrete. They often accompany other foundation problems in your home. There are several different types of foundation piers; each one is designed to address a different kind of foundation problem. During the construction of a new home, layers of soil are commonly moved around or spread out to get to the desired grade level. When the home is built, footings may be deepened to extend below weak fill soils and avoid a foundation settlement issue. The slab, however, remains on the fill soils. If the fill was poorly compacted, the fill soil compresses and settles, and a void is formed under the slab. In time, the slab cracks break or settle into the void.

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