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Foundation Repair Services in Peoria, AZ

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When the soils surrounding Peoria, AZ your home can't support the weight of your foundation, all kinds of problems begin to emerge. In order to stop more serious damage, it's crucial to find the cause of the damage and repair it right away. Whether it be a basement leak repair or a foundational inspection in Peoria, AZ. Only the proper professionals can provide the level of service you need for that type of security. A-1 Concrete Repair & Waterproofing LLC’s team is thoroughly trained foundation repair contractors ready to restore your sinking or settling foundation in Peoria, AZ. We have custom-designed residential products that will work for any home, and the expertise to install them properly and efficiently. As a homeowner, small cracks in exterior walls may not seem like that big of a deal. But over time, your Peoria, AZ foundation will only continue to settle, exaggerating the unsightly and hazardous cracks around your property. Save time and money by acting sooner rather than later with foundation issues whenever possible. You'll be rewarded with a return on your investment and peace of mind in your home. In order to stabilize and support your foundation, it is crucial to use the best products for the job, products that are designed with the needs of foundations in mind. Because all Peoria, AZ properties are unique, professional diagnosing is required to be able to diagnose the proper problem and have the right solution.



Concrete Repair Services in Peoria, Arizona

Basement Leak Repair | Below-Grade Waterproofing | Residential Waterproofing

If you're in need of dedicated concrete crack repair, concrete leveling, and concrete sealing contractors in Peoria, Arizona, you've come to the right place. We use an innovative repair system to provide high-quality concrete restoration solutions for all types of sinking, settling, and cracked driveways, sidewalks, slabs, stairs, and more. If you've experienced any issues with shifting or sinking soils in Peoria, Arizona that has caused uneven, cracked concrete our team is ready for your call. We are locally-owned and family-operated, and we pride ourselves on providing high-quality work, great customer service, and permanent concrete repair solutions. Peoria, Arizona homeowners choose our services because we are committed and dedicated to our customers exceeding customer satisfaction. Our skilled experts in Peoria, Arizona will examine the issue, explain the solution and answer all your questions. As your local concrete lifting and foundation repair experts, we provide the quality services required to get your home looking great and functioning perfectly. We have helped thousands of Peoria, Arizona homeowners and business owners with their cracked, sinking slabs using our efficient and effective concrete repair system. To prevent moisture from seeping into your Peoria, Arizona soil beneath your concrete, your cracks need to be sealed first, as do the control joints that were cut between the slabs when they were first poured. While you could seal them with urethane caulk found at your local big-box stores, that is a solution that is prone to failing, bubbling, and drying out over time.

Waterproofing Services in Peoria, Arizona

Stem-Wall | Sidewalks | Gypsum & Cementitious Coatings | Grinding

No homeowner or business owner wants to deal with a damp or wet basement in Peoria, Arizona, which is why the team at A-1 Concrete Repair & Waterproofing LLC provides the best basement waterproofing solutions available. Our expert waterproofers in Peoria, Arizona know how to identify the cause of your wet basement, musty smells, and mold problems and can provide you with a high-quality waterproofing system that will eliminate your problems and potential problems. If you have water in your basement or want to learn more about our basement waterproofing solutions in Peoria, Arizona, give us a call. Did you know you can have water issues in your basement without heavy rains or obvious standing water? It's easy enough to see water coming through a crack, but finding the real cause of your basement water problem is vital. A property with a wet basement can be much more difficult to sell. In fact, a wet basement is one of the most serious “red flags” that can deter potential buyers. Thankfully, our team servicing Peoria, Arizona offers the best waterproofing coating and repairs. We can waterproof sidewalks, stem walls, and any other type of water-resistant sealing you need done. If your basement leaks or floods, you have mold, mildew, or a musty smell in Peoria, Arizona, we will send our certified basement waterproofing specialist to visit your property and conduct a thorough inspection of your basement's foundation and any other waterproofing needs you may require.


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